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Sandhan Valley Trek every Information To Know

Sandhan Valley Trek – Sandhan Valley, often referred to as the Valley of Shadows, is a 2-kilometer canyon that is 200 feet deep and was formed over many years by the water. Trekkers may expect a unique experience as the trail passes through the valley’s harsh landscape. The walk is made even more exciting by the valley’s well-known waterfalls, natural caverns, and sheer rock cliffs.

Ideal Time to Go On Sandhan Valley Trek

November through February are the ideal months to visit the Sandhan Valley because of the excellent weather and the valley’s abundance of greenery. During this time, the temperature varies from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for trekking.

Because of the significant risk of flash floods, the valley is closed from June to September during the monsoon season.

Additionally, you may hike here throughout May and the first two weeks of June.

The Sandhan Valley Trekking Route

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Samrad is the starting point of the Sandhan Valley Trek route. Within the first several hours, you will be strolling through areas of shallow water. All along this trail, you will be going downhill. Next, you’ll arrive at Tarzan Swing Point. You are going to rappel from this spot. If you wish to complete your Sandhan Valley walk without rappelling, you can skip this section and continue. In addition, there will be a rope ladder for ascending, and after that, some cave crawling awaits you. Following this, you’ll be hiking through the areas with rock formations.

You will have to wade across a few of the deep-water ponds here. After that, you will come to a crossing of broad rocks where the camping area is located. Views of Ajoba Hill and the Bann Pinnacle are available here.

There will be two routes to take on the way back. You can use the same route that you did to get here to return for the first one. For the second, you have to keep going until you reach the mild slopes below and continue walking through the riverbed. After that, you will arrive in Dhene village, from whence you may get a bus to the Asangaon station.

The Sandhan Valley Trek is divided into two categories, as follows

1) Half-decent hike and rappelling in Sandhan Valley (one day – departing Saturday night) 

In the half-descending path, we spend the night at the base village and begin our hike in the morning. We rappel down the valley’s entrance, continue into a deep valley where the side walls open out, and then return to the base town using the same route. A simple hike suitable for novices and first-timers.

2) The Valley of Sandhan Complete descent hike and rappelling.

We spent the night at the base village while following the entire descent track. We begin our trip on Saturday morning and traverse the entire valley until we reach the top of both side cliffs. Rappelling, cave exploration, and unprepared camping in a thick forest. The walk takes about eight or nine hours to finish. On Sunday, we hike to the closest settlement from the valley’s base, a three-and-a-half-hour gentle walk. Winter Sahyadri trekking is highly recommended. To finish the same, you must be in good physical and mental health. 

  1. AMK Forts: Ensure that your hike to the historic forts of Alang, Madan, and Kulang is uphill. However, make sure you get some rest before starting the second journey to these forts the next day if you are overly exhausted from the main walk. You’ll need your stamina for the next excursion because the hike to these forts is strenuous as well.
  2. Ratangad Fort: You should not overlook this fort either. You may visit this fort on the same day as the AMK forts since, although it is a high hike, it is not a very taxing experience. Even though it’s not as large as the AMK forts, it’s still a fantastic site to learn about the valley’s past and see some ancient buildings that are a tribute to the craftsmanship of the valley’s masons.
  3. Nanhe Ghat Waterfalls: Be sure to travel to Ratanwadi to see this waterfall, which is only a few km from the base camp. Having a picnic next to this gorgeous waterfall and/or swimming in the pool that forms at its foot will be a revitalizing experience. Remember to always be watchful of your possessions and take lots of photos!

How to Get There

You would have to board a train to Kasara (or Igatpuri) after arriving in Mumbai. Once you are in Kasara, you may take a shared vehicle to Samrad Village. Sandhan Valley may be reached by vehicle in large quantities from Kasara and Igatpuri.

Advice to be followed On 

  • Make sure you hire a trekking operator or guide if this is your first time going on a hike.
  • It is advisable to stay away from this walk if you have a cardiac ailment.
  • This hike puts a lot of strain on your endurance, so proceed with caution.
  • Keep adequate packaged meals and tiny snacks with you at all times. Save a couple of energy bars.
  • Remember to pack windbreakers and insect repellant.
  • Don’t overpack.
  • Always carry a power bank that is completely charged.
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