12 Interesting Places in Dubai Call For A Must Visit

Dubai is the frontrunner in innovation, style, luxury, and much more. It is the wealthiest among the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Tourists throng this mega city for their most-awaited holidays. It is a great family holiday terminus. It is equally popular among solo and couples tourists. It makes a thrilling place for groups of friends to meet up. 

Dubai is the choicest shopping centre in the world. It has many interesting places and things to do in Dubai. Tall skyscrapers adorn its skyline. There are so many thrilling activities to do at this former fishing village of the 18th century. It is bound to attract all kinds of tourists. Visit Dubai to rejuvenate and live some thrilling moments of your life in this modern marvel of the 21st century. The place is amazing to enjoy with your friends and family, or even if you are visiting the place for your honeymoon, then you are heading right. 

Here is a look at some of the spectacular places to visit in Dubai. You cannot miss them out. 

1. Step Into The World Of Adventure

The term adventure vibes differently with each one of us. But if you are high on thrill and do not fear the unknown, the IMG World tickets launch you onboard. This mighty indoor theme park is the largest such facility in the world. It spreads across a huge area of 1.5 million square feet. The IMG World tickets spring you into the world of imagination coupled with thrill and adventure like none other. 

There are 5 themed zones termed ‘Epic Zones’ at the IMG Worlds of Adventure. They are IMG Boulevard, Marvel, the Lost Valley, Cartoon Network, and the Novo Cinemas. Each has its thrill level with exciting rides, roller coasters, and spins. Meet up with your superheroes, Hulk, Spiderman, and Avengers, at the Marvel zone. Dr. Oak’s revenge and Thor Thunder Spin Avengers Battle of Ultron give a lifetime experience in gravity-defying rides. See Hulk fight out in the Battle of the Ultrons in a thrilling 3-D cinema dome experience. 

The IMG World tickets allow you to meet the cute characters in the Cartoon network zone. The Power Puff girls, Mojo Jojo, and the Lazy town rides are fun. Many more exciting rides make this outing a total blast. The prehistoric creatures await your presence in the Lost Valley Zone. Here hop on to several hair-raising rides and roller coasters, such as the Velociraptor. The Haunted Hotel calls you for some spine-chilling adventures with the spirits. 

Several such adventures await you at this one-of-a-kind amusement park with IMG World tickets. Spend an entire day at the IMG Worlds of Adventure shopping at the numerous retail outlets and food counters based on the themes. 

2. Be on the Top of The World

Dubai holds a record number of skyscrapers. The Burj Khalifa, the tallest free-standing structure in the world, makes it to the must-visit list. At 830 meters above the ground to the tip, you are bound to feel ‘At the Top.’ The Burj Khalifa is a record-breaking structure in several ways. It is an engineering marvel in itself. The fastest-moving elevator, the highest observation decks, and the most floors are just a few of them. 

 Step out to the glass floor-to-ceiling covered observation decks at various levels. The 124th and 125th levels and the 148th level viewing platforms offer a one-stop tour of the entire Dubai. From this high, you can spot the various landmarks spread across.  

3. Dubai Through a Decorated Frame

Tourists interested in history will not forget to visit the Dubai Frame at Zabeel Park. This is one of the many incredible architectures in Dubai. Dubai Frame tickets are your chance to visit this huge picture frame at 150 meters high. Climb atop the walkway 95 meters in width and view Dubai from a different angle simultaneously. You may see the yesteryears city to the north. Turn around, and the scenario changes drastically. The tall structures that define the present-day city to the south leave you gaping. 

The viewing experience is enriched with an audio-visual tour that charters the transformation of Dubai from a fishing village to the thriving metropolis of today. The multimedia experience with Dubai Frame tickets lets you glimpse into Emirati heritage and the futuristic look of Dubai in this one place. The glass-bottom walkway is a thrill in itself as you walk safely at the top of this huge frame. 

Visit the museum with Dubai Frame tickets on the ground floor. The illumination of the frame in the evening showcases its beautiful geometric pattern. Click away memorable pictures from both angles of old and new Dubai for your travel album. 

4. A Museum With A Difference

The Museum of the Future is a novel kind of architecture among the cloud-embracing structures of Dubai. It is an oval-shaped building with a unique calligraphic design in Arabic on the exterior. It stands out among all other structures of Dubai. The very idea of building thrives on human coexistence with nature. The shape depicts humanity, the green cover portrays the Earth, and the void within the shape is the unknown future. 

 The various galleries within the museum take the visitor on a journey to the future year 2071. Various visual and multimedia effects throw light on the challenges that the future holds. The innovative work of designers from all over the world shows the way to mitigate them. In the area-themed Future Heroes, the kids are thoroughly engaged. They collaborate in finding suitable solutions in this world of imagination. The unique concept of this museum makes it a place to visit in Dubai. 

5. A Visit to The Land Of Evergreen Spring

Dubai has a sprawling theme park dedicated especially to nature lovers. The Miracle Gardens, located in an area of 72 000 square meters, is the world’s largest natural flower garden. It has 50 million flower varieties and 250 million plant varieties. It is nothing short of a wonder to see your favorite characters from Walt Disney made with sculpted plants and colorful blooms. Some of the exhibits here are 3D floral designs, an A-380 aircraft, a floating lady, floral clocks, a hilltop, and more. All of these are made with millions of flowers and plants. Their many vantages point here for couples or family vacationers to click amazing photos. 

 Enjoy the day at the colorful umbrella pathway adjacent to food joints for a refreshing break. Here and there are cafes and coffee shops so that visitors can rest a while and breath in the fresh scent of the innumerable blooms in this beautiful place in the heart of Dubai. 

6. Enjoy the View At The Palm

The artificial palm tower wonder of Dubai never ceases to amaze tourists. The View At the Palm Tower is a right tick on the list for visitors. Look at the stunning views of the Palm shaped Plam Jumeriah islands from 240 meters above the ground. The spectacular Arabian Gulf view gives an entirely new perspective to your Dubai tour. The observation deck at this level opens up a panoramic view of the Palm islands and their fronds. You can view Dubai’s skyline far away, with its skyscrapers standing tall from the 52nd level of the Palm Tower. You can also glimpse through a creative exhibition and learn about the formation of this island. 

7. Splash In Waterworld Adventures

A waterpark adventure is a must in your Dubai visit. There are several such attractions around this mega city. The Aquaventures Waterpark boasts of being the largest in the Middle east. It has thrilling rides over rapids in the river. You can plunge into freefall from 27 meters above and splash into the waters. Slide down the winding tunnel of Aquaconda on a tube and experience the thrill. Spend some relaxing time on the beach after your rides. 

 This is not all. There is the Wild Wadi water park near the Burj al-Arab. It has 30 exciting rides to keep you engaged the entire day. The Laguna Waterpark near Jumeirah beach has many thrilling rides. The WaveOZ lets you experience surfing under controlled supervision in this water park. 

 8. All That Glitter And Show

Another famous place in Dubai is the Garden Glow. The park opens up in the evening and stays open till night. The primary reason is the exhibits that are brightly illuminated in millions of LED lights. Thus the name Glow Garden. There are 4 zones here. They are Magic Park, Ice Park, Art Park, and Dinosaur Park. Each has its unique exhibits and displays. The park follows the theme ‘Art by the day’ and ‘Glow by night.’ The art installations are beautiful creations with multiple recycled materials. Kids enjoy this venture as it has some 100 animatronic dinosaurs. The zone is educative as it teaches you about the prehistoric era when these creatures roamed the Earth. 

 The Magic Park has about 25 amazing 3D visual effects and artworks. The geometric pattern creates amazing optical illusions. It will surely leave you wondering about the creative genius of the artists. Explore some nature and wildlife too at the Ice Park. There are glowing lighted tunnels out here. Take a casual stroll and view the glowing creativity all around.

 9. The Dubai Shopping Experience

A trip to Dubai cannot be without the ultimate shopping experience. The thriving emirate boasts some of the largest shopping malls in the world. Moreover, the city even annually hosts the Dubai Shopping Festival in December and January. The shopping bug is bound to bite you and coax you to visit the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai Mall, and many such shopping arcades all around the city whole year round. 

These sprawling spaces have all ingredients to keep a shopaholic on their toes. There are numerous retail outlets of famous brands that adorn these malls. Cafes, restaurants, and indoor entertainment are other attractions of these malls. 

 10. Roll in Ice in The Middle Of the Desert

Right in the middle of the Arabian desert, you can experience an Iceland feeling at the Ski Dubai indoor facility. The Ski Dubai is located inside the Mall of the Emirates and covers 22,500 square meters. It has all fun activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ziplining, penguin shows, and more. The facility is maintained at minus 1 to 2 degrees Celcius, and your tickets here include winter clothing to keep you comfortable. 

 You can venture into the Snow Park with fun activities or simply play around with fresh snow. The Ski Slope lets you zoom past a 400 meters slope with ample space to move around. Meet the cute penguins at this park at close range.  

 11. Dancing Lights 

Every evening after 6 pm, the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride comes alive at the foot of the Dubai Mall in the middle of Burj lake. A tourist to Dubai must visit this place for this amazing show. Tourists must visit this place on their trip. The amazing dance of the lights happens with the choreographed movements of the lake water. The water shooters installed can throw the water up to 500 feet high. These varied form patterns in the air with soothing music. This garners a lot of applause from all who watch it. It is a must-view spectacle in Dubai. 

 12. Explore the Underwater World

The Dubai Mall is a place not just for shopping enthusiasts. It has the Dubai Aquarium, which is famous for its aquatic exhibits. It has some 33000 creatures of the underwater world and is among the largest collections of sand tiger sharks. It is the largest suspended aquarium in the world and has about 140 species of the aqua world. Catch the stingrays and sharks swim by as you walk through the 48-meter tunnel. It is surely a go-getter experience in Dubai. 

 Overall, Dubai is full of wonderful places and adventurous things. Visit the several attractions here to make your holiday refreshing and memorable.


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