Top One Day Trips From Bangalore – Karnataka

Do you know why Bengaluru or Bangalore is called the “Silicon Valley of India”? Well, it’s because of the thriving IT Industry, emerging and successful start-ups, and job opportunities. Also famous for its pleasant climate throughout the year. And the struggle of Bangalore people commuting from their houses to offices/schools/colleges is real. The city’s increasing population and the traffic burst roads make a living in this bustling city more tiring.

This is why people of Bangalore often go on weekend trips or drives to get a break from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Bangalore is comparatively crowded and modernized, but it is still called the “Garden city of India.” There are many spots for peace and nature lovers to explore and relax on the weekends.

Bangalore is a city of nearly 10 million people and is one of India’s economic hubs. It’s a major center for IT and manufacturing, so there’s plenty for travelers to do in this city.

But if you want to get away from all the crowds, why not take advantage of some of the great one day trips Bangalore offers? This article will highlight some of the best places for a “Day out from Bangalore.” Here are some of our favorites:

Nandi Hills

Day Trips from Bangalore - Nandi Hills

A day trip to Nandi Hills is one of the top things to do close to Bangalore. There is a temple, cave, and historic fort in this hidden wonderland, situated 60 kilometers north of Bangalore. It is worthwhile to visit because of the beautiful views from the top. Around 8:30 in the morning and returning around 4 pm, a bus will transport you there from the city. The trip costs roughly Rs. 40 and lasts about two hours. To go to Nandi Hills, you might choose to take a taxi.

The Nandi Hills winery, situated at the foothills, is another noteworthy attraction. This winery provides wine tastings, vineyard tours, and delectable appetizers. For many years, this winery has worked with vineyards. Additionally, it is a photographer’s dream.

Another fantastic day trip from Bangalore is to the nearby Anthargange. The rough landscape makes the region perfect for rock climbing and trekking. Several caverns in this area are interesting to explore.


Mysore Palace Lighting - illumination

Mysore is among the most well-known tourist destinations in South India. It is Karnataka’s largest district and was originally known as Mysuru. The city is admired across the country for its eye-catching buildings, historical landmarks, and glitzy imperial past. The city’s palace, the Mysore Palace, which is included on the global heritage list, may be what attracts the majority of tourists.

Mysuru is also experiencing great growth in producing high-quality incense, silk, and sandalwood. Ashtanga yoga is another Mysore attraction that draws visitors worldwide due to its reputation as the best place to practice yoga in India.

This City of Palaces contains a lot of places. Due to its magnificent constructions, Mysore’s major palace, Amba Vilas Palace, is also one of the main attractions in this region. Millions of tourists come to this well-known tourist site annually from around the country. Devi Chamundeswari is worshipped during Dasara (Dusshera), representing Good’s victory over Evil. It is respected and reverently honored in this location as the State Festival. Other points of interest in Mysore include the temple, Chamundeshwari HillsKaranji Lake, Zoological Garden, and KRS-Brindavan.


Skandagiri Bangalore - One day trip from Bangalore

Skandagiri, also known as Kalavara Durga, is one of the most well-known days treks from Bangalore and is one of the most popular trekking destinations nearby. It is a former mountain stronghold with views of the Nandi Hills, Muddenahalli, and Kanivenarayanapura, 3 km from Chikballapur.
From Bangalore to Skandagiri, the hike up the 1350 m-high summit takes only two hours. The path is indicated. At the top of the hill, which is visible the entire way uphill, is a fort from the 18th century and an abandoned temple.

Rich foliage can be seen as one climbs the hill’s peak, and the pinnacle offers magnificent views of the basin below. To reach the peak in time to observe the sun softly rise in the distance, most hikers climb this steep hill in the morning. Visitors who want to take magnificent 360-degree views of the area’s landscape must always have a camera.


Shivanasamudra - One-day trips from Bangalore

Located on the Kaveri River banks of Mandya (Karnataka), visits to Shivanasamudra waterfall are among the top day trips from Bangalore. The distance from Talakadu to the waterfall is 30 kilometers. Both of its waterfalls, Barachukki and Gaganachukki, have constantly been included among the top 100 waterfalls in the world. Shivanasamudra is best visited during the monsoon season when the water is clean and transparent rather than murky.

Shivanasamudra waterfalls is also a famous adventure vacation destination in India, as the falls are surrounded by lush green forests and rocky hills. On top of a watch tower, visitors may view the waterfalls. You might also see the finely carved sanctuaries of Shivanasamudra.

Not just the waterfalls but it is also a famous pilgrimage site for Hindus. Tourists can visit many ancient temples here, including Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple and the Sri Someshwara Temple. You can combine your visit with a tour of Talakadu to make the most of your time there.

Hogenekkal Waterfall

Hogenkal Falls - One-Day trips fom Bangalore

Hogenekkal Waterfall is a scenic and musical experience. You can enjoy a coracle ride along the river and see the waterfall from a panoramic viewpoint. You can also get out and swim in the water, but wear a life jacket. The trip is about 3 to 4 hours. The scenic view of the Cauvery River is spectacular. The best time to visit the waterfall is between October and February.

Hogenakkal Waterfall is one of the most scenic places to visit near Bangalore. The waterfall stretches across the Kaveri River and is over 20 meters high in places. It is the perfect place for one-day trips from Bangalore, and the falls are surrounded by lush greenery. It is also home to the Hogenakkal Integrated Drinking Water Project, a Tamil Nadu Government initiative to provide clean drinking water to the nearby districts.

The waterfall is located about 2 hours away from Bangalore. It is on the Bangalore Mysore Highway. It is accessible by bus. There are several daily buses from Bangalore to Malavalli, where the waterfall is located. The falls are open from 8 am to 5 pm daily. The cost to visit the falls is 10 INR.


Suppose you’re tired of the city, head to the hills for a weekend getaway. This hill town, located just a few hours from Bangalore, offers breathtaking views, exciting water sports, and a great day out for the whole family. It is also an excellent place to visit if you want to enjoy the natural beauty of the Cauvery River and the wildlife. Another option for one-day trips from Bangalore is the town of Ramnagar, which was featured in the Ramesh Sippy movie Sholay.

There are resort hotels in Chikkajala that offer hotel-like amenities. They are conveniently located near attractions and have amenities such as currency exchange and massage services. Clarks Exotica Convention, Resort, and Spa is one such property. This hotel offers a range of services and is an excellent option for travelers who want to experience pristine nature in an exotic setting.

This popular tourist destination is located in the Kolar district of Karnataka, about 70km north of Bangalore. It offers a picturesque mountain view and a variety of outdoor activities, including trekking and cave exploration. Kotilingeshwara temple is also nearby and is a great picnic spot.


Sakaleshpura - One-Day Trips from Bangalore

For nature lovers, Sakleshpur is a must-see place. Located a short distance from the bus stand, it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ranges. There are plenty of homestays and resorts to choose from. And, if you’re looking for a good meal, you can try one of the restaurants nearby.

For people who love waterfalls, Magajahalli Falls in Sakleshpur is a must-see. This waterfall, also known as Hanbal Falls and Abbi Gundi Falls, is situated at the foothills of the Pushpagiri Mountain range. The falls are surrounded by lush greenery, and visitors can swim in the refreshing water.

A famous pilgrimage destination, Sakleshpur is home to the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, which exhibits the ancient architecture of the South. The temple is dedicated to the deity Subrahmanya, the protector of serpents. It’s worth noting that before entering the temple, pilgrims must cross the Kumaradhara River and take a holy dip.

Kolaramma Temple

Kolaramma Temple Kolar Temple

Kolar, which contains many temples and other attractions, is one of the best one-day excursions from Bangalore. The town is easily accessible by automobile or bus because it is close to Bangalore. Families should visit Kolar as well. The city is a great choice for day trips from Bangalore because it has a lot of history and mythology.
An ancient temple at Kolar is thought to be older than 1000 years.

The Ramalingeshwara temple is another option, sometimes known as the Gaya of the South. People are said to be protected from scorpion bites by the temple. Coins are dropped into a donation collection well at the temple, making a clicking noise as they do so.

Big Banyan Tree:

Big Banyan Tree Bangalore

Big Banyan Tress is the ideal alternative if you’re seeking another exciting day excursion from Bangalore. Bangalore’s Big Banyan Tree is a well-known vacation spot.

As suggested by its name, The Big Banyan Tree is very large. It is a must-see site in Bangalore known as Dodda Alada Mara. The Big Banyan tree, which spans more than five acres and is thought to be almost 400 years old, is a remarkable example of the diversity of nature.

Over the years, the tree’s canopy has steadily grown, bearing evidence of the country’s growth at that time. Since it is enticing to stroll close to the maze of roots and unwind in the cool shade, the Big Banyan Tree is now at the top of the list of things to visit in Bangalore.


Ramanagaram Bangalore - One day trips from Bangalore

Ramnagaram, around 1.5 hours from the city, is a gorgeous wonderland with a wide range of activities. There are adventure camps available here, along with additional activities like kayaking and coracle rides. Additionally, there are chances for both family and business outings. You can also engage in activities like volleyball or mud kabaddi.

Ramnagaram is a fantastic choice for a romantic vacation. The village served as the backdrop for the well-known Bollywood movie Sholay. Additionally, you can hike, discover a lake, or encounter a massive banyan tree, which serves as the region’s emblem.

Another well-known pilgrimage site is Shravanabelagola, which you might visit if you have extra time. You can also see the renowned Bahubali statue, which is 58 feet tall. The town’s beautiful Gomateshwara temple is yet another top attraction. It is located atop Vindhyagiri hill, which is tall enough to make your trip here special.


Not just these destinations, but there are still many beautiful and drivable locations for one-day trips from Bangalore. Depending on the purpose of the travel, group size, and the season, one can choose the right place to visit.


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