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International Travel & Travel Insurance – Investing your money in traveling has become a trend. You ask any common people- what they will do with their hard-earned money. They will prefer to go abroad. But you cannot just plan before night; you are somewhere else the following day. To travel, you need to pre-plan everything. Arrange passports, apply for visas, book hotels and flights, etc. With such conscientious management, you will never want to risk anything.

You cannot avoid many unforeseen circumstances like falling ill, a family emergency, a trip postponed due to bad weather conditions, or any other situation. To escape this, having international travel insurance will reduce your loss, and you can travel stress-free. Travel Insurance covers several non-medical and medical expenses. The insurance is not limited only to this. International Travel Insurance protects you from travel-related embarrassment if you travel with your partner. You can enjoy your trip as per your planned schedule.

Why is International Travel Insurance Preferable?

How do you Protect Yourself when Traveling?
How do you Protect Yourself when Traveling?

 After the pandemic, travel insurance became a necessity, a bound obligation. You will never know when any incident might occur. For instance, you might need to remember your passport or visa if traveling for business-related work. If you go home and bring it back, the flight might miss out, so having insurance will prevent you from hypertension, and you can chill a bit knowing that you are going to travel.

How do you Protect Yourself when Traveling?

Let us have a look at some of the benefits you will receive if you apply for International Travel Insurance:

  1. Alleviate the travel hassles: It is only sometimes necessary that the way you plan your trip will work accordingly. Unwanted situations can take place at any time. I will explain to you with an example. Supposedly, you reached your destination, and while collecting the luggage, you discovered you had left your passport on the flight. Now what? You will be puzzled. But, if you have your travel insurance, then you will move around worry-free as you know that you have taken care of all the safety precautions.
  2. Protects you from medical emergencies: It is being said that many people fall sick during flights because either they are afraid of flights, or if it doesn’t suit someone, they fall sick. If you know your limitations, then it is highly recommended that you go for travel Insurance. It will save you time and finances.
  3. Obligatory prerequisite for traveling overseas: It is made compulsory by a few countries to have international travel Insurance to have a happy and safe trip.

Factors to Keep In Mind Before Opting for an International Travel Insurance Policy

Certain factors you should consider before going for an International travel insurance policy are:

  • Note down the duration of the trip and take the right health cover.
  • The destination is essential to ensure that the policy you opted for applies at your destination.
  • Select only that insurance policy that will cover maximum health coverage.
  • Verify your policy and keep in mind the expenses that the policy will not include so that you carry extra money for such expenditure, in case it occurs.
  • You should always have the contact details of customer care in case you have to file an insurance health insurance claim.

Is International Travel Insurance Compulsory For Traveling Abroad?

Countries have their own rules and regulations. Nowadays, certain countries are making travelers’ insurance compulsory because they do not want to indulge in any situation. If you wish to travel in any part of the Schengen Area, you should have a valid travel insurance policy to apply for a visa. Likewise, many countries have now made it compulsory.

But, it is preferable to have a travel medical insurance policy. Indian tourists have insufficient funds to afford the health care facilities of the USA. To avoid this, Indians should have traveler’s insurance. Lastly, anything can happen at any time. Nothing is predictable. You might face an emergency, lost belongings, your passport and visa need to be included, etc. Why neglect things? Why not simply take international insurance and relax?

The Price of International Travel Insurance

The price depends mainly on three factors:

  1. Time duration: If you travel to the US for only a week, then the traveler’s insurance will cost you less than traveling.
  2. Indeed, your age: Age is an important criterion. Usually, the prices for older people are higher than the younger ones. However, some countries like the USA only offer plans at 69. So, before considering your parents relocating to the US, you must find a proper health insurance plan.
  3. The type and amount of coverage: Comprehensive coverage will cost you more because they are lavish. However, many other plans will commence when you board the flight or land in the US. The more coverage, the more the cost will be.

Best Travel Insurance for Travelers

Below mentioned are some of the best insurance for travelers to the USA:

  1. Safe Travels USA
  2. Patriot America
  3. Visitors Care
  4. Visitors Secure
  5. Beacon America.

Also, travelers’ insurance in the USA does not cover any pre-existing conditions or pregnancy. Because it only provides coverage which occurs after we start traveling. Any pre-existing situation is not under any coverage.

Most international policy providers cover the below-mentioned things under the policy.

  • Medical Expenses – unexpected health issues on travel
  • Accidental death/injury
  • Unexpected flight delay or cancellation
  • Baggage Losses
  • Hijjack Allowance

The claim amount, period for settlement & other conditions vary as per the insurance-providing company. But considering the current pandemic situations & health factors, it is always advisable to purchase Insurance to travel tension free.



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