1000 Years Old Hindu Artefacts Discovered From Krishna Riverbed

Ancient Hindu artefacts Found From Krishna Riverbed – Imagine finding hidden treasures from over a thousand years ago! That’s what just happened. Yes! This incident happened near Raichur of Karnataka state. Employees were busy with the construction work of a bridge in the area when someone found different things while digging the ground. Workers discovered ancient Hindu artefacts in the Krishna riverbed during bridge construction.

Vishnu Idol and Shivalinga Discovered From Krishna Riverbed - PC - NDTV
Vishnu Idol and Shivalinga Discovered From Krishna Riverbed (Credit – NDTV)

This includes a Vishnu idol and a Shivalinga, revealing treasures speculated to be over 1,000 years old. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) now takes care of these artefacts, which include a Vishnu idol and a Shivalinga. The Vishnu idol looks a lot like the famous Ram Lalla statue from the new Ram temple in Ayodhya. The Vishnu idol found stands tall with an aura depicting the ten avatars. It offers a glimpse into ancient artistic traditions and religious beliefs.

The Vishnu Idol Found From Krishna Riverbed

The Lord Vishnu statue is thought to come from a very old Indian ruling empire called the Kalyana Chalukyas, as per a historian named Padmaja Desai. According to News Nine, Desai thinks that people might have purposely put these objects in the river during times of war between different religions to keep them safe.

Raichur is a place with a long history of battles – more than 163! Many different kings ruled there over the years. The special green rock used to make these statues suggests they might be from the time of the Kalyana Chalukyas. The experts are working hard to find out more about these ancient objects.

Krishna Riverbed

Krishna River - Canva
Credit – Canva

The Krishna River, named after Lord Krishna, is a sacred place in Hinduism. It’s said that taking a dip in this river washes away sins. Stories also tell us about Krishna’s adventures along its banks, like lifting a huge hill! Krishna lifted the Govardhan Hill to free the malevolent serpent Kaliya. And defeated the demon Bakasura in this area. According to the legends, Lord Krishna spent most of his adulthood in Krishna river bank region.

Beyond mythology, people lived and thrived near the Krishna River throughout the history. Many ancient civilizations, like the Vedic period and empires such as the Vijayanagar, called this area home. Its shores have witnessed the rise and fall of kingdoms, thriving on its waters for sustenance, trade, and spiritual nourishment.

Finding these artefacts reminds us of India’s rich past. Each piece tells a story about our ancestors, their beliefs, and their way of life. It’s important to protect and learn from these discoveries so we can understand where we come from better.

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