IKEA Bangalore: A Paradise for Home Furnishing Enthusiasts

IKEA, the renowned Swedish furniture Retailer Giant, has made its way to Bangalore. Well, it is not the first Ikea store in India. We already have one in Hyderabad, which was opened in July 2018. But then it closed its shutters for some time due to the pandemic situation. The largest Ikea store currently operational in India is now open in Bengaluru. Isn’t it great news for home furnishing enthusiasts? IKEA Bangalore provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with its broad selection of trendy and reasonably priced furniture, home decor items, and cutting-edge solutions.

Ikea Store Bangalore

Ikea opened its largest furniture store in Bangalore on 22nd June 2022. It occupies an area of 4,60,000 square feet (12.2 acres). It had thousands of visitors on the first day it was open. There was a 4-5 hour wait to access the store. Many people just returned homes without entering the store and food due to the huge crowd.

The IKEA Experience: A Unique Shopping Destination

IKEA Bangalore is more than simply a place to buy furniture; it is a unique experience. You are welcomed with a warm and inviting atmosphere as soon as you step inside. The open floor plan, attractive displays, and helpful employees make shopping a pleasurable and hassle-free experience. IKEA Bangalore is known for its broad furniture assortment that meets a wide range of tastes and purposes. You can select furniture items that match your style, whether it is modern minimalism or cozy comfort. IKEA offers everything from mattresses, sofas, and dining sets to storage options and home office furniture.

Inspiring Home Display Areas for Ideas and Inspiration

Walking through the well-curated home display areas at IKEA Bangalore is like stepping into beautifully designed rooms. These displays showcase different living spaces, providing customers with ideas and inspiration for their own homes. Whether you’re furnishing a small apartment or a spacious villa, you’ll find practical and creative solutions at every turn.

IKea’s Floor Plan & Home Display Areas

Ikea Store Bangalore

The floor plans at Ikea are carefully designed to provide rooms that not only look fantastic but also have a cozy, homely atmosphere. Ikea provides floor designs with a focus on practicality, style, and customization that suit a range of tastes and lifestyles.

The open-concept design is one of Ikea’s most well-liked and adaptable floor layouts. This design embraces a sense of spaciousness and allows for a seamless flow between different areas of the home. By eliminating unnecessary walls and barriers, the open-concept floor plan creates a sense of togetherness, making it perfect for socializing and entertaining.

Walking through the well-curated home display areas at IKEA Bangalore is like stepping into beautifully designed rooms. These displays showcase different living spaces, providing customers with ideas and inspiration for their own homes. Whether you’re furnishing a small apartment or a spacious villa, you’ll find practical and creative solutions at every turn.

Affordable and Value for Money

IKEA gained a reputation for providing quality products at affordable rates. IKEA Bangalore stands out in a market where home furnishings can be pricey by offering value for money. Thanks to IKEA’s affordable options, you may decorate your entire house without breaking the bank.

Delicious Swedish Cuisine at the IKEA Restaurant

After an exciting shopping time, refuel yourself at the IKEA Restaurant You can enjoy delectable Swedish cuisine at its on-site Swedish Restaurant. The wait time, though, is the primary downside. As this is the only place to eat in Ikea Bangalore, expect a long queue and rush billing counter. Some people visit Ikea just to experience the food at the Swedish Restaurant in Ikea Bangalore. Those who like South Indian spicy food, may not like the taste of food here. It seems very bland.

Other than that there is a small cafeteria where you can get quick bites of puffs, samosa, small pizzas, and burgers. And refreshing beverages like coffee, tea, juices, and bottled water. But they are a bit overpriced.

How to Reach IKEA Bangalore & Accessibility

Situated in the heart of Bangalore, IKEA is easily accessible to visitors. It is around 16 KM from the city center. The nearest metro station to Ikea Bangalore is Nagasandra Metro Station. As you walk towards the exit, the station has a designated entrance to the Ikea Store. Other than that also, visitors can easily enter the store as it is located just behind the Nagasandra Metro Station.

Exact Location of Ikea Bangalore: Manjunatha Nagar, Nagasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560073

Ikea Bangalore Timings: It is open all days of the week. And operating hours of Ikea are 10 AM to 10 PM (including weekends and holidays). While the restaurant operates from 9.30 Am to 9.30 PM.

We suggest planning your visit on weekdays, especially on Tuesday or Wednesday as the crowd is comparatively less. On weekends there will be a huge waiting line at the restaurant and for billing as well. Those who visit with kids and elders, make sure to get some eateries along. There is a beautiful play area for kids aged 3 to 10 years on the ground floor itself.

Online Shopping and Delivery

Ikea Store Bangalore

With the convenience of online shopping, Ikea brings its vast product range to your fingertips. Explore their website, browse through countless options, and effortlessly add items to your cart. Once your shopping cart is ready, Ikea’s efficient delivery service makes sure to deliver your products safely. And due to the huge crowd at stores, many prefer online shopping at Ikea.

Quick Things To Note Before Visiting Ikea Bangalore

  • Bring your own shopping bags, just like other stores; shopping bags are costly here as well.
  • List out your required shopping items well before. As Ikea Bangalore has many decorative, small kitchenware products, kid’s tiffin boxes, kitchen racks, office supplies, fridge magnets, shelves, fridge zippers, and many others at very affordable prices.
  • There is ample of parking space made available to the visitors, around 1500 slots for 4-wheelers and 500 for two-wheelers. Also, there is an electric charging facility at the parking, which is all free as of now.
  • Carry some chocolates/biscuits/or dry snacks, as it takes a minimum of 4-5 hours to visit Ikea completely. Especially if you are visiting with kids, this is a must as they might feel exhausted.
  • If you are a serious buyer, then plan to visit on less crowded days, as many people just visit for window shopping/small shopping here.

IKEA Bangalore has revolutionized the home furnishing landscape in the city. With its unique shopping experience, a vast range of stylish and affordable furniture, commitment to sustainability, inspiring display areas, family-friendly environment, and delicious Swedish cuisine, IKEA Bangalore has become a favorite destination for homeowners and interior design enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to furnish your first home, upgrade your existing space, or simply gather ideas and inspiration, a visit to IKEA Bangalore is sure to leave you inspired and satisfied.


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