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The epidemic that is sweeping the world has made daily life more difficult. On the other side, this led to many new options. We may now work from the comfort of our homes and do practically all our responsibilities online. Despite this, we all treasure the possibility of seeing new places and doing new things. You should also be aware that you may get a universal travel permit online, which helps you know if you like traveling or if your job requires you to travel often.

When emergency lockdowns and travel restrictions are enacted throughout the country, it may be more difficult for people to travel without feeling anxious. However, since they started immunizing, things have gradually returned to normal. However, you must always produce proof of vaccination if you want to ride public transportation or visit a public facility or venue.

Also called Maharashtra e pass, or Universal pass Mumbai is where the UTP – Universal Travel Pass comes into the role. The Maharashtra government has introduced a universal travel pass/permit based on a QR code that may be used as an electronic pass. Suppose a person possesses this pas, they can use public transportation without difficulty. A “universal Covid pass” may be another term for this. Universal Travel Pass was compulsory for people who are into essential services like Medical, Education, and others.

How Universal Travel Pass was introduced in Maharashtra?

The Government of Maharashtra’s Disaster Management, Relief & Rehabilitation Department has authorized local train travel for the general public who have received both doses of the corona vaccination. For this, offline verification of immunization records at Mumbai train stations served as the launch point for the issuance of railway passes.

Later, the Disaster Management, Relief & Rehabilitation Department developed a website epassmsdma.mahit.org to make this pass as an online service. They started issuing the Universal travel pass to the essential worker’s community by showing proof of first and 2nd dose vaccination so that they could commute within the city without any restrictions.

Universal Travel Pass Maharashtra registration:

To register for Universal Travel Pass or Universal Pass Mumbai, one should go to the designated website. Below are the complete steps for Universal Travel Pass Maharashtra registration and downloading.

  • Either visit mahait.org or go to the Mobile application “Mahagov “ and select the option “MahaGovUniveralPass”
  • In the options, click on “Apply for Universal pass” and then click start
  • You will be asked to enter the exact number used for vaccination purposes.
  • If the number is correct and you are vaccinated with both doses, it will show the vaccination certificate.
  • Confirm the details shown in the app and click next.
  • Now you will be asked to take a picture of yourself; once uploaded and confirmed with other details, click on Apply for universal Travel pass again.
  • Click Yes on the detail confirmation, a pass gets generated, and a link will be sent to the email.
  • Click and verify the link received, then you can download the Universal Travel Pass now.

To register the Universal Pass for the firm or company, choose the “register firm” option at the beginning of the process.

Why should you get a Universal Travel Pass?

If you live in Mumbai and are still debating whether or not you should use Universal Travel Pass, here are a few reasons why you should:

  • Because you have a Universal Travel Pass, you won’t have to worry about your safety while traveling (UTP). This is because you will not be allowed to leave the country until all of your vaccines have been done.
  • The probability of catching the virus is directly proportional to the number of times you submit to the COVID-19 screening. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the risk above if you utilize a UTP.
  • Traveling to other states with a Universal Travel Pass will not give you any extra fear about your security. Traveling between states will become much less of a burden due to this.
  • Because the universal pass link may be accessed online, the necessity for physical verification will be reduced even more.

Details printed on the Universal Travel Pass:

Once downloaded, crosscheck these details printed on your Universal Pass

  • Universal Travel Pass holder’s name and Gender
  • Age of the Universal Travel Pass holder
  • A photo of the Universal Pass holder
  • QR code
  • Dates of the 1st and 2nd dose vaccinations

On a concluding note, all Indian nationals must now provide proof that they have had both doses of the vaccines in full and have had 14 days to pass since receiving the second dosage. For this, customers must have a printed copy of their Universal Pass or a digital copy on their smartphone.

Unrestricted entry to public spaces, such as malls, train stations, airports, gyms, and gardens, will be made possible with this card. The certificate may not be required by the authorities because of the crown, but you must always have it with you to avoid additional travel bother.

Who can apply for Universal Travel Pass or Universal Pass?

Adult citizens of India, who have completed both doses of Covid vaccinations, can apply for the Universal Travel Pass.

Can we use Universal Travel Pass across India?

Yes, you can use this pass across India. The central government accepted it after it was first implemented by the Maharashtra government. This certificate is, therefore, valid across India.



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